From Our Family To Yours

We are a family owned and operated restaurant in Nashville

Not only is our Nashville BBQ restaurant family owned and opperated but we also are the best family restaurant in Nashville. Everything about us says, family. We even serve you family style on an ol fasion picnic table cloth. We offer you the complete family campfire/cookout experience and allow you to toast marshmellows at your table for dessert, its pretty fun and we know its unique. We want you to have the best experience when you visit Nashville and hope you make us apart of that experience.

The love we put into our BBQ is what sets Nashville's Dancin apart for the other BBQ restaurants in Nashville. We know we have created the best BBQ in Nashville for the at simple fact, let alone our families experience with spices and rubs on the different types of meat we serve. We get the portion of spices and rubs just right on the meat and then let the heat do the work for the right amount of time, everytime. 

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